David Hockney Diner Dog Apron


This gorgeous 100% cotton panama apron features David Hockney's 1994 Design for Salts Diner Plate. It was sketched by David in pen on plain plate for his friend Jonathan Silver who had asked the artist for a logo for his just-opened restaurant. The Diner Dog, as we call him, has been loved by generations of visitors to Salts Mill and customers of Salts Diner. 

This apron is produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill. It is screen printed in Northern Ireland exclusively for us. It has a front pocket. It's one size and it fits most grown ups (but any child in the kitchen will be quite determined to wear it.) It is, of course, machine washable. 

Approximate dimensions: 89cm long; 68cm wide, bib front 25cm