David Hockney Diner Dog Tray


This beautiful rectangular FSC-certified birch ply tray features David Hockney's 1994 Design for Salts Diner Plate. It was sketched by David in pen on a plate for his friend Jonathan Silver who had asked the artist for a logo for his just-opened restaurant. The Diner Dog, as we call him, has been loved by generations of visitors to Salts Mill and customers of Salts Diner.

This tray is produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill. It's made exclusively for us by a family firm in Sweden from birch veneered FSC®-certified wood and a Swedish-made uncoated, unchlorinated paper - please note very small dark dots can appear in this paper; due to its eco-friendly nature it doesn’t offer a blanket white finish.

Approximate dimensions: 36 X 28cm

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