8th January 2011 (The Arrival of Spring) by David Hockney


Artist: David Hockney

8th January 2011 is a single work from The Arrival of Spring -  a 49-part detailed study of the changing seasons in Woldgate, near Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Each separate image depicts a specific day between January and June 2011, encouraging us to look closely at the natural world and take joy from it. Hockney drew this arresting and intimate series on his iPad and believes it is one of his major works.

We have produced 9 different Arrival of Spring posters, which look beautiful hung as a set. We have also produced a set of postcards of the entire 49-piece Arrival of Spring

The frames we have chosen for these posters are inspired by the frames chosen by the artist for the original Arrival of Spring images currently on show at Salts Mill. 

Text along base of poster reads: David Hockney   Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

And then in smaller type "The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) - 8 January" iPad drawing printed on paper" c David Hockney

Small poster, unframed, measures 23 x 33 cm 

Small poster, framed, measures 36.5 x 46 cm

Large poster, unframed, measures 47.5 x 66 cm 

(We do sell the large poster framed, but only for collection at Salts Mill. It measures approximately 50.5 x 69.3cm - please contact us if you're interested.)

This is an authorised David Hockney poster, produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England on 250gsm Novatech, Gloss coated paper. FSC certified, ECF pulp.