A Closer Grand Canyon Poster by David Hockney


Artist: David Hockney

This stunning poster features David Hockney's A Closer Grand Canyon, 1998. The landscape of the Canyon that has fascinated Hockney since his first visit in the early 80s. He spent a week at Powell Point on the South Rim drawing studies in oil pastel: "I took the chair right to the edge to make sure I could sit comfortably for a while. I'd be out very early when the sun had just risen. I'd just sit there. Sometimes I even thought that the whole thing could be flat." A Closer Grand Canyon -  a giant oil painting, consisting of 60 smaller canvases put together - was created on return to the studio. 

This poster is produced in Denmark by the Louisiana Museum. In 2007, Louisiana acquired this extraordinary painting. It's now a centrepiece of their wonderful collection.

Approximate dimensions: 46 x 137 cm. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. We send posters rolled in tubes.

Available framed for collection from Salts Mill. If you'd like to know more please email onlineshop@saltsmill.org.uk