A Cook Book (1969) poster by Dorothy Iannone


This is just great - a poster featuring the work, A Cook Book  - Blue  (1969) by the American artist Dorothy Iannone, (b. 1933). Freedom, free love, liberated sexuality and the ecstatic union with the other are central themes in Iannone's work. 

Approximate dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm

The drawing here comes from Iannone's cookbook comprising real recipes and existential reflections. The book is rich in detail, sensuality, humour and gender-political statements. In the middle of a mayonnaise recipe, for example, the author breaks off with: “NOW, BUT GOD COULD BE A WOMAN. SORRY." Sadly the mayo recipe wasnt available as a poster, but we love this one too. 

Dorothy Iannone was born in Boston, USA, but has lived and worked in Europe since 1967.  Some of her work is held at the Louisiana Museum, Denmark. They created this poster for the 2022 Iannone show.