Tropical Vase (ABA 7) by Nuove Forme (exclusive)


We're the only UK stockists Nuove Forme, who produced this stunning handmade Italian vase. 

Nuove Forme started up in 1993 by a group including the granddaughter of the great ceramicist Alvino Bagni, whose work inspires their output and production values. 

Inspired by a piece of 1950s wallpaper, the Tropical vase features 5 different tones of green, blue and yellow on a black acrylic background. A wax resist technique is used for the outline of the leaves. The colours are painted on by hand. After firing, a black patina is applied by hand to create the unique contrasts in this beautiful piece.

Glossy colours on a raw matt black background.
Approximate dimensions in cm: 33 H x 18 D