Aalto Bowl / Serving Platter, 504mm, des. Alvar Aalto / Pentagon Design, made by Iitala


By: Iittala

Since winning the 1937 Paris World Fair, global design pioneer Alvar Aalto’s asymmetrical wave shape (“aalto” in Finnish) has become his creative signature from architecture to glass. Inspired by his native Finnish landscape, Pentagon Design pays homage to Aalto’s legendary waves by applying contemporary stainless steel to this iconic symbol of Scandinavian interior design. The result is a stylish piece of interior decoration that retains the organic sensuousness of the original while making a stunning impact in contemporary stainless steel. The versatile Aalto bowl makes a sleek addition to any table or home design. Ideal for serving dry foods like fruits, nuts and candies or as a gift idea.

Stainless steel, handwash only. 

Approximate dimensions: Width 50.4 cm Length 49.15 cm Height 2.8 cm Weight 1.876 kg