Holyhedrics Mug in Blue by Alessi des. Elena Salmistraro


By: Alessi

Designed by Elena Salmistraro, the design on this decorated porcelain mug  comprises expressive graphic lines that embody the spirit of the artist who concentrates all the expressiveness of her poetics into simple objects. 

Capacity: approx 13.5 fl oz

Diameter: approx 3.54 inches

Height:L approx 4.73 inches 

About Elena Salmistraro:

Italian product designer and artist, Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan.

After studying at the school of art in Brera, she graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan in Fashion Design in 2003 and later, in Industrial Design in 2008.

Together with architect Angelo Stoli, she founded her studio in 2009, working projects ranging from architecture to design, from art to fashion, from illustration to visual arts in general.

Close tied to contemporaneity, her work draws inspiration from illustrations, street art, fashion and masks, animals and nature in general, but also from traditions, mythology and different cultures across the world.

Her eclectic, joyful and imaginative creations are the result of the union between art and serial production design, and her language is one very personal, authorial, characterised by the use of tridimensional texture and vivid colours full of energy.

One of the priorities of her work is the meticulous study of the harmony of shapes, researched in the expressiveness of the objects, the animism, the poetry of her stories and the emotions.

For Elena, emotion is in effect a function of the object.