Lamplight decaf coffee by Dark Woods - coffee beans, 250g


This is a 250g bag of coffee BEANS
Roast Level: 3/5 (Medium)
Farm & Region: Peru
Process: Fully washed
Variety: Various arabicas

Roasted by Darkwoods coffee on the edge of Marsden village, in the West Yorkshire Pennines. They're a B Corp and a multiple (over 80!!) Great Taste Award winner.

Darkwoods always choose single estate coffees from Central or South America that have been "Swiss Water Processed". This means they are decaffeinated in fresh water without the use of harsh chemicals often associated with cheaper decaffeination processes. Removing caffeine this way not only lowers the bitterness but also imparts a rich, cake-like sweetness with hints of dried fruit.

Delicious brewed in every method, Lamplight is a coffee without caffeine or compromise.