Rimini Blu Dove Number 121 des. Aldo Londi for Bitossi


By: Bitossi

Beautiful glossy ceramic dove - every piece is handmade  in Italy, and thus every piece is unique. 

The Rimini Blu collection of ceramics was created in the early fifties by Aldo Londi, the former art director of Bitossi ceramics. We're delighted that Bitossi continue to produce this delightful collection of vases and animals, characterised by their unique blue colouring and irregular texture. They look fantastic on their own, and stunning in a group - just search 'Bitossi' to see our extensive range.

Every piece bears the official Bitossi stamp, a symbol of quality Italian manufacture. Each one is individually boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

Pressed mould in white fireclay. All Bitossi ceramics are completely handmade, any imperfections are a joyous part of this process. 

Approximate dimensions: 22cm long