Itsumo Small Bowl - White Porcelain - Yunoki Ware - des. Naoto Fukasawa for Alessi


By: Alessi

Itsumo, which in Japanese means 'everyday and forever', is a tableware set designed for Alessi by Naoto Fukasawa with pattern design by Samiro Yunoki. 

The minimal design of the white porcelain of these small bowls is enhanced with a deep blue pattern, designed by the renowned artist Samiro Yunoki, evoking the poetry of Japanese culture. When combined with the curved lines of the set, the Itsumo collection brings a calm beauty to the dining table. 

Other items in the range available from saltsmillshop include: the oval serving plate, mugs and soup bowls. 

  • Approx dimensions: height: 2.05 x diameter: 5.51" 
  • White porcelain

About Naota Fukasawa: 

Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese product designer. Fukasawa collaborates with world-leading companies and brands, also working as a consultant for major international manufacturers. The winner of numerous awards, including the 2018 Isamu Noguchi Award, he has also published several books, the most recent one titled: 'Naoto Fukasawa EMBODIMENT' (PHAIDON).

Fukasawa is one of the most clear minded and determined contemporary designers in pursuit of what he refers to as 'ecological' design. For Fukasawa, 'ecological' does not just mean making the best possible use of non-renewable materials and recycling, it especially means promoting a minimalist aesthetic: a calm, albeit expressive aesthetic. In this sense, Naoto is the great standard-bearer of a centuries-old concept in his country’s tradition.