Soap dish - Thermowood


It's hard to find a soap dish that fits in any bathroom or by any sink - but this  lovely thermowood one by Burstenhaus Redecker does the trick.

Never heard of thermowood? Basically, it delays rotting. The molecular structure of wood is altered in a kind of baking process at high temperature. The wood sugar is caramelised and the pores are closed. Exposure to heat gives the wood a fine, dark colour. It absorbs little or no water and is thus practically insensitive to moisture. It is ideal for all products used in areas where wood is exposed to high moisture levels – from baths to saunas.

Made in Germany, it's natural, practical and beautiful. We urgently need to stop using plastic bottles of soap and this is the perfect home for your soap bar. 

Rounded shape, with rubber feet. Oiled thermowood. Size: 11.5 x 7 cm

Stock: AU20